Pop up Workshops

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Workshops are great – I really enjoy doing them. I organise them on a pretty regular basis so if you’d like to sign up then go for it by filling in the info below. 

If you have a space and a group of people I can come to you – big fan of proactivity right here. Do you want to do it next week end in your backyard/coffee shop/laundromat and have between 5 and 10 friends who are keen? Then call me. It can happen.

Corporate workshops are also available – I have a background in Project Management and this workshop is one of the better team building exercises I’ve done. I will bring everything to you including my Public Liability to keep your OH&S division happy & content.

Workshop overview:

This workshop revolves around the idea of creating Open Source Furniture and comes from my own learning curve over the past couple of years.

When I started I found most plans called for tools I didn’t have. Table saws and jointers and routers. There also seemed to be these holes in the instructions where it was assumed I knew what I was doing.

What I did have was 2 drills, a hammer, a dangerous saw and a loose idea – I’d seen a chair before. I also just really wanted to build something.

I started to develop ways of making furniture using tools that most people have and out of materials that most people can get their hands on.

Give a person a chair and they will sit, teach them how to make a chair and they’ll build a throne.

The Open Source focus of this workshop means we’ll use a design that can be shared, modified, mutilated and reinvented with no copyright issues or hurt feelings.

The plans for the work shop are licensed under a Creative Commons license, so go nuts. Use them as is or remix them as you like. Let them be a spring board for developing your own pieces.

You can modify these works/plans and continue to share them – it saves the trouble (not to mention questionable legality/morality) of reverse-engineering high-end pieces of furniture or the brain hurt of converting imperial into metric.

The questions below are mainly about tools, access to wood and experience. Please don’t let a lack of tools or experience put you off the project – I have a bit of both and we’ll be fine.

Have a look at the Fremantle Festival Workshop if you’d like to get a sense of what was made and the smiles that came out of it.

Thanks for having a look,

Andrew Christie




Would you like to register as an individual or as a duo? I recommend finding a buddy as I’d really like you to go home and make more things and having someone else who’s keen to build makes it easier

It’s not essential to have these tools but it does allow more people to come if you have some.Do you have….

A hand saw and a hammer?

A drill? Maybe even 2 drills? Could you borrow your uncles drill?

An old picket fence or a pile of wood you’d like to donate to the workshop? If it’s a “yes” could you describe it?

Have you made things out of wood before? Tell me a lil’ bit about yourself. What do you do? Where do you work? What are you into?

How did you hear about this?

And finally, if you could throw a like on facebook, a heart on Instagram or a tweet up about this I’d really appreciate it – marketing for carpenters 101. Buttons are at the top of the page.