A Good Looking Man is Andrew Christie



Bachelor of Fine Arts (Curtin University)

Diploma of Graphic Design (Central Tafe)

Diploma of Project Management (Central Tafe)



I’m not really a normal kind of furniture maker who makes lots of the same thing en masse. That seems French. I have a background in painting, filmmaking, Festival based work and sculpture. About three years ago I began making furniture and spaces. I love making furniture as I am working with the final object at all times. There’s no moulding and casting, no editing, no waiting for approvals. There’s just a constant touching. Making the parts that build a home.

As A Good Looking Man has grown in its creativity and practicality I’ve uncovered a great need to assist others in their own creativity and business development. 

Whether that’s lending an ear, helping on a job or figuring out how to make a buck. I just want to see people making things.

Working with Spacemarket I brought together the MANY 6160:Production Floor and worked with FORM on the 100 Hampton Project as my first forays in to actualising what it is that I am passionate about: people making things. The next step for me is making what I do replicable for other practitioners and communities.

wood shop_100_Hampton010